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This can easily be the billionth time I try this, but it's worth giving this a good try this month. A full month of everyday writing without any excuses. There's too many wonderful and crazy adventures planned for this month that it gets me so excited to think about everything I'll think about each moment of this month let alone live it.

The start of this year has already been quite eventful to say the least. I think I've hit a peak level of disappointment with myself despite the endless amount of projects & ideas that I've got brewing. I can confidently say that I'm both proud and dissapointed. What's that called again? An oxymoron? I'm really feeling the 'moron' part of it.

To stretch out this thought a bit longer, the start of this year as been continuing to stack itself correctly from last year. I've been clearly noticing a different type of person come out of January than the person that went into it. Both good and bad ascepts - though it's a move toward the right direction, the direction that I want to steer my life toward. As I write this, I'm starting to realize that a monthly review blog would be ideal. Just a way to recap what I thought of my own progress - maybe something to add to tomorrow's list.

I clearly haven't given out too much information about my life yet, but expect much more going forward. I say this with confidence with a splash of guilt just in case.

I've been really interested to learn more about the way others think, the little bubbles we create around us and the moment two or three or n amount of these so-called bubbles collide. I don't know what this would be called, but it got me interested when I started to purposely view my life from a different angle. How do the people that I care about see me? How are they lives structured? What do they spend hours of their day? Why do they do what they do? Let alone, care for what they care about?

I got hooked into this topic as I started to understand why I think they way I do. There are a ton of fundamental life choices that I want to change, but it can't happen by simply being the same person that I am today. Many of these choices that I make are a result of my childhood, my family, etc. - in essence a bubble that we create dictating our lives and it becomes damn hard to make any change. Unless, its intentional. This is what I want to explore this year and excited to write more about this + what I enjoy learning about + what I hate the most + and so much more.

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